Avid Fitness CONTOUR Earphones

by Avid
$ 14.99

Let the listening experience become part of your service to your guests.

Versatility with Performance - The CONTOUR is a pair of earphones your guests will enjoy because of its easy and versatile design. With the removable hooks, the user can choose to wear the earbuds “as is” or add the hooks during tougher work outs where they need to ensure that the earphones will stay in place. The CONTOUR features a flat cable with an inline microphone to keep the business going!

High Sound Quality - The in-ear earphones ensure good noise-blocking performance to enhance the listening experience. Paired with a Neodymium magnet and optimized speaker design, the sound quality coming out of the CONTOUR is memorable, like a good childhood song.

Retail Packaging and Storage Solution  - The CONTOUR is wrapped in a fabric pouch closed by a drawstring for easy and clean storage. For a better value presentation, the CONTOUR is presented in a retail box.

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