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AST Sports Science VP2 Whey Isolate - Creamy Vanilla - 1.98 lb - 705077002826

AST Sports Science

AST Sports Science VP2 Whey Isolate

$ 38.70
Whey Protein Isolate. Bioactive Protein Fractions. Ultra-High Leucine Content. Research Proven. More Lean Muscle Growth. Gluten Free. Rich in Naturally Occurring BCAAs. VP2 Isolated and Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, Clinically Proven To Build 615% More Lean Muscle Mass! New VP2 raises the benchmark in high-performance protein supplementation. Using Advanced Protein Technology, VP2 incorporates a new proprietary "Micro-Fraction-Isolation" (MFI) technology that carefully isolates specific and potent individual protein fractions designed to deliver optimum bioactive substrates for maximum muscle growth. A percentage of these potent protein frations is cleaved into precise peptide lengths using "Controlled Chymotrypsin-Trypsin Hydrolysis" (CCTH) for scientifically proven higher nitrogen retention and greater protein synthesis. This entire process is achieved under cool, non-acidic conditions to ensure complete protein integrity. VP2 is a new protein – a potent, precision protein formulation based on the latest discoveries in protein biochemistry. VP2 yields a near perfect "amino-specific" nutrient profile designed to increase muscle nitrogen absorption and retention to support lean muscle growth and repair. VP2 Whey Isolate is Clinically Proven to Build More Lean Muscle: In a double blind clinical study at one of the worlds leading universities, subjects taking VP2 over a 12 week period gained an average of 11 pounds of lean mass and lost an average of 3.14 pounds of body fat. No other protein made has been clinically proven to produce results of this magnitude. How much more effective is VP2 Whey Isolate when compared to other proteins? Over 615% more effective! In this study, subjects taking VP2 Whey Isolate gained an average of 6 times more lean muscle mass and lost significantly more body fat than subjects taking other protein. In another controlled study, VP2 Whey Isolate produced an increase in Type 1 muscle fiber size by 411% and Type 2 muscle fiber size by 543%. This study also revealed that when VP2 is combined with AST Micronized Creatine, fast twitch muscle fiber size is increased as much as 1230% greater than gains seen with other proteins.

Directions: Add 1 level scoop to 8 oz. of your favorite cold liquid (water, milk, etc). VP2 starts dissolving quickly. Just a few turns with a spoon or shakes in a shaker bottle and its completely mixed and ready to drink. When to Use: Take 1 serving of VP2 30 minutes before training and another serving immediately after training. on non-training days, use VP2 2 or 3 times daily.

Warnings: Contains Milk and Soy. Use this product as a food supplement. Do not use for weigh reduction. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

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