Avid Fitness SURROUND Headset

by Avid
$ 14.99

Let the listening experience become part of your service to your guests.

Comfort and Performance all-in-one - The SURROUND headset was designed to accommodate repeated work out sessions. As all AVID fitness products, the SURROUND headset is light-weight and sweat-resistant, it stays in place when training and yet the user will even forget that it is there, it is so comfortable. With its flat cable and wrap around design, the SURROUND is easy to grab and throw in the fitness bag for the next session.

High Sound Quality -  Its speaker ultra-fast and accurate design delivers the full details of today’s digital music with extreme clarity and deep bass. In addition to that highperformance speaker design, the drivers are large high-efficiency models that play loud without distortion.

Retail Packaging - For a better value presentation, the SURROUND is presented in a retail box.

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