Avid Fitness PULSE Earbuds

by Avid
$ 12.99


The PULSE is one of the most feature-laden earphones available on the market within its segment. The hard shell earphone body is designed for the best acoustic performance possible while the textured pad surface ensures that the PULSE stays within the ear even during rigorous work out sessions. Cord management, especially in the case of flat-cable audio products, is critical; the PULSE features a never-before-seen cord wrap integrated into the plug strain relief.

IMPECCABLE BUILD QUALITY - The microphone on the PULSE is fully grounded and seated within an extremely durable aluminum casing. The driver within the earphone body is constructed of the highest grade components and, unlike a lot of competitive earphones, is permanently mounted to the earphone housing via a rigid metal ring. This means that what you play is what you hear every time.

Retail Packaging - The Pulse is conveniently presented in a retail box

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